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Domain Acquisition

DomainDomain Names were instituted as a means to address the concerns that people would struggle to recall the 12 digit IP Address utilized to assign web addresses. These concerns are still true today, yet when many businesses are founded the concern around whether they will survive at all supersedes whether the best version of their brand’s digital assets have been acquired.

When the critical digital assets – domains OR social media handles – for your brand have already been registered and are seemingly unavailable; you need an EXPERT. We are expert at navigating the aftermarket, researching the owners and negotiation. We regularly find ourselves as the last bastion of hope; picking up where clients and other asset brokers have previously failed to make contact with an owner. As such we have evolved our research, diligence and approach to be effective in those seemingly impossible situations.

M2C digital exclusively represents buyers. We provide true anonymity to the buyer to prevent a seller from identifying the buyer and then leveraging research into the buyer’s business to determine a sales value. Our track record shows that we are able to create better outcomes for clients than those that try to go it alone.

We believe that while every asset is unique, the standard domain industry practice relies upon subjective valuation, typically assigned at random by a seller. We find many buyers establish a budget for acquisitions lack a foundation in value determination. Our team crafts a complimentary objective fair market value analysis for every client to use in guiding budget and negotiation strategy.

We operate on a success fee only basis; there is never any cost unless a buyer makes a purchase. We have established a success fee structure and aligned M2C financial objectives with that of our clients – achieving the lowest price possible on every purchase. The success fee is a sliding scale based upon how much we reduce the final sale price.

We ensure confidentiality to our buyers from the moment of first contact with our Act As If Policy; all client communication is treated As If a non-disclosure has been executed. Of course we are happy to execute a formal NDA with any client who needs greater assurances.

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DomainsThe valuation of domain assets is regularly very subjective. Perceptions, opinions, beliefs and emotion cloud facts; this is true of sellers and buyers. Timing an acquisition, whenever possible, before publicity for a business affords the greatest opportunity for the best outcomes. We provide a complimentary objective fair market value assessment to all of our clients. We will use this insight to establish budget and plan strategy in concert with you for the best outcome possible.

Our experience shows that buyers unintentionally create a negative impact on the value of assets they are seeking. Will your identity impact the asking price? Has the company or brand experienced a publicly announced milestone? Completed a recent funding round? Won a StartUp contest? Launched a new product? Entered a new market? Announced a key hire? Exhibited at a Tradeshow?

Ultimately everything a business does outside of stealth mode risks creating a publicity ripple. With each ripple comes the risk of a current asset owner learning about your organization and establishing market value based on that identity. The risk is magnified by opportunistic domain investors or seller brokers stampeding to the current owner seeking to acquire the domain for a “flip investment” or provide seller representation. This rush of apparent interest creates a false market and usually creates an unfavorable outcome. To avoid this we strongly advise acquisitions be timed BEFORE any publicity.

Ultimately we are indifferent to the timing of the acquisition for your brand; it has to meet your needs. We believe knowledge is power and recommend clients considering an acquisition move forward to a complete understanding of the cost. We have historically worked with clients over multiple years until the timing was right for their business and we could execute our plan on their behalf.

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The process for rebranding your organization can be costly, tying up your team whiteboarding brand ideas. Only to find the new choice of brand aligns with a URL that is not available.

Share your brand concept plus budget with us and we will return domain options to consider that are for sale.

To set up a consultation in-person, on video chat or by voice please contact us via email or just simply call (561) 463-2524